About the Book

At sixty years old, Jack Steele has long since retired from putting criminals—especially those that hurt children—in prison. Following his retirement from law enforcement, he built a successful multimillion-dollar company, allowing him financial freedom in his golden years. Following the unexpected loss of his wife, Sarah, however, he withdraws into himself. He becomes a loner whose only companion is his German shepherd, Sadie. Sick of a court system that lets monsters out of prison to torture and kill again and again, he decides there is only one way to stop them. Using his own resources, his credentials as a retired police officer, and his .380 Walther, he and his dog begin to hunt—bringing justice to those whom the system cannot control. After all, enough is enough.

About the Author

Chad Barton
spent his first career in law enforcement as a crime scene investigator involving major crimes and retired as a detective sergeant. He was involved in countless death investigations in south and central Florida. He currently resides in Florida, where he owns several successful businesses.